Chef Luckey Hermanos life has been filled with many roads traveled, that few would have survived. From the break-up of his family at the age of eleven, this ultimately paved the way for he and his brother to be placed in the foster care system. However, it was in this home, the home of his third foster care family, who owned a grocery store called Crossroads Market that his road would cross with his destiny. His foster father taught him how to butcher and to cook, but it was the Lord that began to reveal and uncover the gift of cooking that He had placed inside of this 15 year old young man. Chef Hermano survived the odds that were stacked against him; from being scalded with hot water to being become one of the best Chefs in the world and the only African American Master Chef in the country. For these reasons and more, he often refers to himself as The Blessed Chef.

The Lord has had His hand on Chef Hermano from the very beginning of his life. He excelled in everything that he has put his mind and hands to. Graduating at the age of 14 from high school, graduating Manga Cum Laude with a BS in Aerospace Engineering and a MBA in Business. He continued on with his education graduating with several culinary degrees from the U.S. Army Culinary Institute and Leadorwolf Culinary Arts Institute, to become the Master Chef that he is today. Chef Hermano has also studied in Italy, France, Germany, Morocco, Scotland, Japan, San Francisco and Napa Wine Country. With that title of Master Chef Hermano was catapulted to the public eye, opening doors to serve in the most prestigious restaurants in the world such as The Queen Mary Ship in California, Disney Land, The Francis Drake Hotel, The Mark Hopkins Hotel and The Big Island Resort in Hawaii. He has also been a private Chef to some of the most celebrated entertainers such as Bishop T.D. Jakes, Rev. Fred Price, Fred Hammond, The Clarke Sisters, Dottie Peoples, Clint Eastwood, Steven Spielberg, The Jackson 5, Bob Barker, Celine Dion, Chris Brown, LL Cool J, Beyonce and Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. He has also had the opportunity to serve at the Grammys, Oscars, BET Awards, Motown Awards, the San Francisco 49ers Franchise, the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Jets, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Sacrament Kings and so many others. Giving God all the glory and the honor for his accomplishments and his continued faith in God prepared him for the greatest fight of his life.

Beginning July 2008-April 3rd of 2009 Chef Hermano was on a book tour across the country promoting his cookbook Cooking with the Blessed Chef. On April 4th of 2009 Chef Hermano walked into the Morristown Memorial Hospital in New Jersey, under his own power with walking pneumonia and was placed on a life support system. Forty-eight hours after being put on life support, his body stressed out from being on life support and his blood pressure went extremely high, causing him to have a massive stroke. The doctors were trying all they could to assure that Chef Hermano was going to pull through but they were baffled. While in the coma the doctors discovered an unknown infection in his body and began to treat him with different antibiotics hoping that one would be able to fight this infection. Chef Hermano lay in this hospital fighting for his life while the outside world wondered where he was. But even with tubes in his mouth and tubes all in his body, his heart was connected to God, for while laying in this condition he would be singing to Lord. The doctors called his brother in to make the hard decision to keep him on life support or to take him off. His brother felt powerless, while the doctors were telling him they have done all they could and also trying to persuade his brother to take him off of the respirator. His brother called a family friend Ms. Victoria Stringer and she told him Let God do what He was going to do! I believe in miracles, dont do anything until we hear from God! His brother listened. Chef Hermano laid in a coma for 68 dayson June 26th, Jesus came to the Chef and told him that He remembered what he did in Katrina and how he helped people. He told the Chef that he couldnt come with Him right now and not to do anything else but to keep on loving Him. He told him He couldnt come with Him because His Father had a plan for Him. And on June 28th 2009 four hours before they had decided to take him off of life support, Chef Luckey Hermano woke up.

Once Chef Hermano was stable, he was then transferred to the Atlantic Rehabilitation Institute in Morristown, New Jersey to begin his recovery. Chef Hermano stayed in this facility from the end of June 2009 November 2009. Not wanting to be in a hospital setting anymore Chef Hermano made the decision to go stay with a family friend to continue with his recovery. Chef Hermano travelled from New Jersey to Las Vegas for a short period of time to New York to continue his journey of recovery. With this decision, Chef Hermano has had to rely on prayer and his faith in God to endure. There have been many days of emotional upheaval and physical challenges. Days of just looking out the window, feeling alone, being ignored, and being left alone; living in fear of having a setback because of not getting the proper therapy. Waiting for care packages that he would receive from close friends through the mail that would help with basic necessities of life. Things that other people took for granted such as toothpaste, toilet paper, deodorant, potato chips, socks.he welcomed with gratitude and thankfulness. Chef Hermano took this time to reflect back over his life and realize how soon life can change. Just a year before this sickness attacked his body, he was traveling with his team from coast to coast. But through it all he remembered that he had a friend that would stick closer than a brother. He remembered that there was one person in his life that would never leave him or forsake him. He remembered that Jesus was with him. Jesus was with him when he went into the hospital and He is with him now. Chef Hermano is even more intelligent now than when he was before he went to sleep.

Chef Hermano has awakened with a new fire and excitement. With all of the gifts that God has given him, he wants to continue his greatest passion of helping people. Chef Hermano is introducing his line of Mastered Flavored Barbeque Sauces, which is not only good to eat but it also is good for you. The Chef is also looking forward to introducing other products in the near future. Chef Hermano welcomes you to his website and looks forward to serving you in the future.


Chef Hermano

The blessed Chef

The blessed Chef

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